Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shirley Temple Baby Shower

I was honored to host a baby shower for my best friend who was expecting her first daughter this summer. She loves Shirley Temple, so we came up with the theme "Baby Take a Bow," based on the classic film. We added some old Hollywood touches, used navy with pink and cherry accents, chevron for a modern touch, and of course, had Shirley Temple cocktails for all the guests.

There were lots of other fun details too, like a photo shoot with star of the event, and framed black and white photos of Shirley Temple at each table. Here are a few of the desserts I made, including a whimsical Shirley Temple cupcake with cherry 7-Up and grenadine.

I whipped up an assortment of cupcakes for a birthday in the park. The rainbow cupcakes were so fun and definitely a hit with the kids (okay, the grown ups too!). There was also a chocoalte with peanut butter buttercream and an Oreo version. Yummy!


Mardi Gras Masks

One hundred fondant mardi gras masks to top cupcakes at a birthday/graduation!